Feel free to set up as many lights as you want, real-time global illumination and glow refraction will make your scenes look natural and lively, volumetric light, fog and real time shadowing will bring a hint of mystery.

Many options of lighting allow you to shape the character of your scene. By combining soft shadows and translucence you can emphasise areas of interest and direct attention of users in desired direction.

Quazar3D LIGHTENING options

  1. Per-pixel dynamic lighting
  2. SSAO (screen-space ambient occlusion)
  3. Real-time global illumination
  4. Different types of lighting models (Phong, Anisotropic)
  5. Ellipsoid lights with different attenuations
  6. Light maps support
  7. Light scattering
  8. Special light source type based on spherical harmonics
  9. Per-surface light masks
  10. PSSM (Parallel Split Shadow Map)

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