High quality graphics is generated due to the support of most modern achievements of professional graphic cards. Visual fidelity of applications is not restricted only for high-end games, you can also use it to amaze your clients.

This new level of rendering power will bring your projects to life. With the use of high quality interaction any user dives into the world of your imagination and functionality. Immersiveness that we provide through our solutions intensifies experiences thus strengthens your message.

Quazar3D supports

  1. Multiple API render involves Direct3D 9, Direct3D 11, OpenGL 3.x, OpenGL 4.x
  2. DirectCompute support
  3. Support of OpenGL compute shaders
  4. 64-bit Color HDR Rendering
  5. Different shader profiles for better scalability
  6. Advanced anti-aliasing
  7. Support of dual quaternion skinning

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