Creates incomparably more natural experience and greater cognitive involvement into situation you have prepared. Provide the user of your applications with direct interaction in virtual environment.

Stereoscopy option allows you to display 3D applications on many modern devices of immersive characteristics. This gives you and your client a choice over the suitable device and technology of projection.


  1. Side-by-side stereo
  2. Dualscreen stereo
  3. Quadbuffer stereo
  4. Interlaced stereo
  5. NVIDIA 3D Vision
  6. NVIDIA 3D Surround
  7. Anaglyph glasses (red-cyan)
  8. CAVE (Quazar3D Immersive license)
  9. Multidisplay immersive systems (Quazar3D Immersive license)
  10. Cylindrical display solutions (Quazar3D Immersive license)
  11. PowerWalls (Quazar3D Immersive license)
  12. Any dualscreen stereo system with independent input for each eye (Quazar3D Immersive license)
  13. Oculus Rift (plugin)

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