Live physics

More realism and real-world feeling in your interactive application will immerse all users. This state-of-the-art application feature is provided by the physics engine.

Quazar3D provides all range of features meant to engage your user into the world of certain principles you wish to present.

Quazar3D Live physics options

  1. Collision detection
  2. Comprehensive set of geometric primitives (box, sphere, capsule, cylinder, convex hull)
  3. Rigid body physics
  4. Various joints, motors and springs
  5. Dynamic destruction of objects
  6. Vehicle physics
  7. Particle system physics
  8. Cloth physics
  9. Rope physics
  10. Rag doll physics
  11. Force fields
  12. Fluid buoyancy and interaction
  13. Time reverse support
  14. Multi-threaded core

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