Terms of use

Terms of use
    The Terms of use herein (hereinafter: "Terms of use") specify general rules of access and use of the web page www.quazar3d.com. Registration on the web site shall be deemed as acceptance of conditions of the Terms of use and the Privacy Policy.
    As used in the Terms of use, the following terms shall have the following meanings:
  1. Administrator - the entity rendering the service of providing the Portal's resources for the benefit of its Users, i.e.: i3D S.A. Bojkowska 43C 44-100 Gliwice VAT No. 525-22-08-808 Regon No. 017267566 KRS No. 0000379606
  2. Account - a place in the Portal accessible to the User, that enables the User to purchase software or its components, as well as to obtain data regarding User's licenses, to download the latest software versions and to get technical assistance.
  3. Login - private and real name of the User in the Web Site, adopted by the User while registering the Account.
  4. Portal - internet platform at the following web page address: www.quazar3d.com, enabling the Users to purchase Quazar3D software, to download the installation version, to get technical assistance and to contact the portal administrator.
  5. Regulations - the hereby document regulating the rights and obligations of the Users and the Administrator.
  6. User - a natural person, company, partnership or institution having full capacity to enter into legal transactions, that has obtained access to services offered by the Portal by accepting the Regulations and by registration.
I. Service description
  1. The Portal is run by its owner i3D S.A. with the registered office in: 44-100 Gliwice, Bojkowska 43C (hereinafter: "i3D").
  2. The portal enables the User to purchase software and its components, to access the installation versions of the software purchased, to use internet forum, as well as to get the technical assistance.
  3. Technical requirements necessary to cooperate with the ICT system of the Service Provider are as follows:
    a) Internet connection,
    b) graphic web browser, Cookie and Java Script enabled,
    c) having an active and properly configured e-mail account,
    d) the latest version of Flash Player plug-in must be downloaded and installed in order to replay video files.
II. Conclusion of the Agreement
  1. The agreement, which is the basis for providing the services offered by i3D, is concluded by filling in the registration form correctly. At the same time, the User account in the portal is created.
  2. By filling in the registration form the User declares that the data contained therein are true, that he/she had read the hereby Terms of use, that he/she accepts all provisions hereof and consents to collection, processing and use of data entered in the form by i3D for the administrative, statistical and marketing purposes, according to the current personal data protection acts. In the event of providing personal data (e.g. for obtaining an invoice for software purchased or for its components), the User consents to collection, processing and use of these data for advertising and for market, customer behaviour and customer preferences research, the results of such research to be used for purposes of improving quality of i3D services, according to legal provisions on rendering the electronic services.
  3. The User acquires an access to his/hers account after correctly entering in the log-in form his/hers login and password, which shall be determined by the User on his/her own while registering in the in the web site. In the event of forgetting the password, it can be recovered via the password recovery form. The User will receive a reminder by an e-mail sent to the address defined while registering in the web site.
  4. The User undertakes to keep the password mentioned in paragraph II (3) secret. I3D shall not be responsible for possible damages being the consequence of disclosing the password by the User to third parties.
  5. The User carrying out the registration further declares that he/she is aware of the fact the service provided by i3D cannot be returned due to its nature, and as a result the User cannot withdraw from the agreement; he/she can only terminate the agreement as set forth in paragraph VI hereof.
III. Purchase
  1. The purchase is carried out via www.quazar3d.com web page. After the purchase the User receives an e-mail message at the address indicated by him/her that informs him/her about accepting the content of his/hers order by the administrator, which means that the order has been placed correctly and according to the Terms of use.
  2. The order is executed after i3D receives confirmation of completing the payment transaction by the User in the system, or receives the confirmation of executing a bank transfer by the User on i3D account.
IV. Responsibility of i3D
  1. The Portal is accessible to Users continuously, however, the Administrator informs about the possibility of temporary suspension of the Portal accessibility due to technical reasons (failure, the necessity of repairs or maintenance of the systems servicing the Portal and due to the necessity of their updating or extension, repairs or maintenance).
  2. If such break or suspension may be expected, the Administrator shall notify the Users about such events with reasonable prior notice by publishing the relevant information on www.quazar3d.com web page.
  3. The Administrator shall undertake all attempts to ensure that the Web Site operates correctly in technical, formal and legal terms.
  4. i3D shall not be responsible for any profits lost by the User or third parties in connection with breaks or disruptions in providing the services mentioned in the paragraph above.
  5. i3D shall not be responsible for non-performance or misperformance in provision of the services if this is caused by third parties. It also applies to damages caused by computer viruses and any such software.
  6. i3D shall not be responsible for the User losing or third parties taking possession (irrelevant of the way of taking possession) of the User's login (identifier) or password enabling the User to use the portal. I3D shall not be responsible for damages caused by activities of the User or by discontinuation of these activities, in particular by using the web site in a manner that is illegal or contrary hereto, and for damages caused by providing incomplete or false data.
  7. i3D reserves the right to refuse to accept the order's content if in i3D's discretion it is unlawful, abusive, untrue or illegal.
  8. It is forbidden to publish any contents in the Portal that could make i3D liable to third parties for any reason. In particular, the contents published in the Portal shall not infringe copyrights or other intellectual rights of third parties. In case i3D obtains reliable information about illegality of the contents published in the Portal, i3D shall immediately prevent access to such contents and at the same time inform the User that had published them about this fact.
V. Account lock
  1. The Administrator reserves the right to lock the Account of the User, whose actions have been deemed as detrimental to the Portal or to the other Users.
  2. The Administrator has the right to lock the Account of the User who breaches any of the provisions hereof.
  3. It is forbidden to use words and contents commonly deemed as abusive.
  4. Each of the parties to the agreement on rendering the electronic services has the right to immediate terminate the agreement without stating any reason.
  5. In order to terminate the agreement (close the Account) the User shall contact the administrator of the web page.
  6. The agreement may be terminated by the Administrator by locking the Account if:
    a) the User breaches the provisions hereof,
    b) the User undertakes actions which are detrimental to the Users or the Administrator.
  7. In case the User publishes the contents which are unlawful, abusive, untrue or illegal, the Administrator may delete such contents, as well as has the right to lock the Account.
  8. In case of locking the Account by the Administrator, setting up a new Account requires prior consent of the Administrator.
VI. Consequences of terminating the agreement
    Termination of the agreement results in closing the Account.
VII. Complaints
  1. The User may lodge complaints regarding matters connected with provision of services described herein via e-mail or post.
  2. i3D handles complaints within the deadline of 30 working days from receipt of complaints, however this deadline may be extended if processing the complaint requires longer time. I3D shall inform the User about extending such deadline and about refusal to process the complaint.
VIII. Privacy policy
  1. i3D respects the right of the Users to their privacy, therefore all information collected is stored with the utmost diligence and is not made available to other entities.
  2. Information obtained by filling in the registration form. The registration form contains the declaration field, where the person that is registering oneself consents to processing his/her personal data by i3D. Expressing such consent is required by the provisions of the Act on protection of personal data dated 29 August 1997 (Journal of Laws No. 133, item 883 as amended) (ustawa z 29 sierpnia 1997 r. o ochronie danych osobowych (Dz. U. Nr 133 poz. 883 z późn. zm.)).
  3. The purpose of collecting and storing information contained in system logs and in registration form is to better tailor the www.quazar3d.com web site to the needs of its Users, as well as for generating statistical reports.
  4. While processing personal data, i3D does its best to protect personal data of all the Uses in the best way possible. In order to do so, i3D observes appropriate procedures and takes appropriate security measures according to generally applicable provisions of Polish law.
  5. i3D shall not disclose any User's data to third parties. Only statistical reports prepared on the basis of information collected can be disclosed to third parties. However, they shall not contain any data that would enable identification of the Users.
IX. Final provisions
  1. i3D reserves the right to amend the Terms of use. Amendments become effective on the day of making them available on the web page.
  2. If the user does not wish to accept the new version of the Terms of use, and therefore wishes to discontinue using the Web Site, he/she should report this fact in the period of 5 days since the date of the new Terms of use via e-mail through contact form, stating "refusal to accept the Terms of use" in the message subject. Using of the Portal by the User shall be locked within one working day.
  3. All communications between the User and the administrator shall be made in electronic form using e-mail addresses.
X. Forum Terms of use
  1. Every User by his/hers registration accepts the following Forum Terms of use.
  2. It is obligatory to accept the Terms of use' contents in order to register on the forum. Therefore, ignorance of their provisions shall not release the Users from consequences of breaching the rules.
  3. Netiquette applies in the whole web site.
  4. Each User can possess only one account.
  5. At the request of the user, the Administrator may delete his/hers account, excluding the posts already written.
  6. Each User is responsible for the content of his/hers posts.
  7. Topic subjects should reflect topic's contents.
  8. It is forbidden to double (repeat) the topics.
  9. The User may address only one issue in one topic (this does not apply to collective topics with styles and modifications or to sticked topics).
  10. Moderators have the right to edit and to delete topics with content that does not comply with Terms of use.
  11. Topics which are not consistent with the subject matter of the forum shall be moved to those with the appropriate subject matter, or shall be closed or completely deleted.
  12. Put quotations and code fragments in the appropriate BBCode tags.
  13. The Administrator shall not be responsible for contents published by the third parties. However, the Administrator accepts the reasonable requests to delete or edit posts.
  14. It is forbidden to use the forum for sending spam.
  15. It is forbidden to publish pornographic or law violating contents or links to web pages with such contents.
  16. Users are not allowed to publish on the Forum contents that are against the law, call for racial, religious or ethnic hatred, call for violence, are vulgar or violate the generally applicable moral code.
  17. It is forbidden to pretend to be an administrator, moderator or forum user, including using their avatars or signatures.
  18. Persons that do not comply with the Terms of use shall be first warned, and subsequently blocked.
  19. Forum administration reserves the right to change the Terms of use during operating of the forum if necessary. All changes shall be introduced with a short notice and the Users shall be informed about it.


Cookies policy
    This policy concerns cookies files and refers to websites created by i3D Inc. in Gliwice (hereinafter referred to as websites).
What is a Cookie?
    A cookie is a text file that is stored on your computer or mobile device by a website's server. It will contain some anonymous information such as a unique identifier, the site name and storage time. It allows a website to remember things like your preferences or what's in your shopping basket.
What cookies are used for?
    Cookies are used to adjust the website content to the user's preferences and for optimization. They are used for creating anonymous statistic, which help us understand how the user moves around the website. The gathered data is then used to improve the structure and content of the website without identifying the user.
Which cookies are used?
    As a rule we use two types of cookies - session and permanent. Session cookies are temporary files, which remain on the user's device until the user logs out or closes the browser. Permanent cookies remain on the user's device for a period of time determined in the cookies file or when the user manually deletes them. Cookies used by third parties have their own private policy.
    Cookies can be divided into following types:
    A. Cookies necessary to perform a service.
    Necessaryare absolutely necessary for proper website use and for the functionalities enabled for the user.
    Functionalare important for the website use:
    - They enrich the website functionality, without them the website will operate properly, however it will not be personalized to the user's needs.
    - They ensure the high level of website functionality, without the settings saved in cookies the functionality level will decrease but the site will be accessible.
    - They are used in very important parts of the website functionality, with cookies blocked functions will not operate properly.
    BusinessThey enable realization of the business model based on which the website is created. Blocking them will not decrease the site functionality but might lower the level of service due to lack of income that funds the website. This category includes commercial cookies.
    B. Cookie types determining how long the user's device will hold cookies.
    Session cookiescookie placed for one session, it will be deleted when the browser is closed.
    Persistent cookiesare not deleted when the browser is closed, they remain on the user's device for a specified amount of time or without a time limit, depending on the website settings.
    C. Cookies determined by origin - website administrator.
    First party cookiecookie placed directly by the owner of the visited website.
    Third-party cookiecookie placed by outside party, which content is displayed by the website owner.
    NOTE: cookies may be initiated by the administrator by means of scripts, components placed on the partner's server, other location, and different country or in entirely different legal system. If such situation occurs, different cookie policy may be binding form that the website administrator uses.
    D. Cookies divided by the purpose they serve.
    Service configurationthey enable functions and services on the website.
    Safety and reliability of websitethey enable authenticity verification and efficiency optimization of the website.
    Authenticationthey enable notifications when the user is logged in, the website can display information and functions.
    Session state they enable saving information on how users use the website. It mostly concern visited sites or error messages displayed on some websites. Cookie files for saving session state help to improve service and browsing experience.
    Processesensure proper website operation and accessibility to its functions.
    Advertisementsthey enable display of advertisements which are most interesting for users and most beneficial for publishers and advertisers, they allow personalization of advertisements and can be used to display advertisements outside the website pages (domain).
    Locationthey allow adjusting the displaying content to the user's location.
    Analysis and research, audience auditthey allow for the owners of the website to better understand the user's preferences and through analysis to improve and develop products and services. Usually, the website owner or research company anonymously collects data and processes it according to trends without identifying personal data of the users.
    E. Cookies divided by the intrusion level into user's privacy.
    HarmlessIncludes cookies:
    - Necessary for proper website operation
    - Necessary to enable website functionality, but their operation has nothing to do with tracking users.
    InvestigatingUsed for tracking users, but they do not include information that allows identifying a specific user.
Do cookie files contain personal data?
    Personal data gathered by cookies can be only obtained for the purpose of specified functions for the user. Such data is encrypted in a manner that prevents access by unauthorized party.
Removing cookie files
    The software for viewing websites allows by default to store cookies on the user's device. Such settings can be changed as to block cookies or to inform each time they are being send to the user's device. Detailed information on cookies setting can be found in the browser's settings. By blocking cookies the user may limit functionality available on the website.

Our website uses cookies files for statistical, advertising and functional purposes. Thanks to them, we can customize the website to your needs. Anyone can accept cookies, or has the ability to disable them in the browser, so any information will not be collected.