Experiments without
    pain and costs


    Learning the theory and practical skills with 3D interactive real time applications during the Medicine or Biology academic courses is the key for achieving perfection by future specialists. Coming across the needs of modern systems of education, i3D has designed, developed and implemented a set of interactive experiments with the use of Quazar3D.

    This project covers full program of laboratory exercises used in physiology and anatomy courses at universities. It is implemented in the Education and Medical Simulation Centre at Medical University of Silesia in Katowice and in Department of Human Physiology on the Faculty of Medicine at the Medical University of Lublin. In the virtual world we can observe how animals are prepared for experiments, starting from anesthesia through uncovering or isolation of organs and connecting them to professional equipment. Modern technology used in i3D's applications provides the possibility of experimenting on three-dimensional frog, rat or rabbit during virtual classes. Moreover, thanks to stereoscopic technology supported by Quazar3D, we have the felling of three-dimensional image depth and that we participate in real actions. The virtual procedures can be stopped at any time for the purpose of discussing the progress and potential mistakes. Students can repeat a given exercise to the point of excellence.

    The e-Physiology project has been appreciated and awarded in category of "Medicine and Health" in Laval Virtual Awards 2012 international contest for the innovativeness and holistic approach.

    Benefits of Quazar3D solution

    1. Systemic solution
    2. Full interactivity
    3. Gathering data for teaching statistics
    4. High quality three-dimentional computer graphics
    5. Available on-line, desktop and stereoscopic applications
    6. Realistic and detailed replacement for traditional experiments
    7. Opportunity to make mistakes as a part of learning process based on non-linear scenarios

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