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    of nature

    Salt Mine interactive applications

    Museums aim to attract young and media savvy audiences, emphasize their modern character by means of engaging scenarios and hi-tech devices. Technology for UNESCO’s Salt Mine Museum designed in Quazar3D was used to fuse with the solid interior of the mine. It became a part of an exciting adventure assisted by custom made 20+ interactive multimedia stands, games and applications, all in one place: 3D interactive holograms, HMD insight of non-existing historical space and applications with mapping effects.

    Virtual reality experience has been designed to catch the eye and amaze museum visitors. i3D’s vision of time and space travel has been expressed with the help of the best multimedia technologies implemented in two chambers (total surface of 800 square meters). i3D combined aesthetical and cognitive dimension in the special character of the exhibition. Touch tables and gesture controlled applications allow visitors to learn and admire the role of salt in history of human civilization. 5D cinema takes visitors on a journey that illustrates history of salt extraction from the very beginning up to a modern salt mines. Ultimate experience of the exhibition is augmented with virtual reality glasses (based on HMD technology) to see unreachable chambers of the museum. Salt crystals react to user tapping of the monitor surface, transforming, rotating and provoking to discover their physical and chemical properties. Applications created with Quazar3D bring users closer to the salt mine environment and help designed content to flow.

    Benefits of Quazar3D solution

    1. Interactice 3D holographic applications
    2. Presentation of non-existing historical space for HMD
    3. Large-format interactive application with mapping elements
    4. 20+ interactive multimedia stands, games and applications, all in one place

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