Use of simulation
    to support mining industry

    Becker Warkop simulator

    A wide range of methodologies applied in i3D’s training programs communicates easily with model fidelity and response solutions enabled by Quazar3D to blur the difference between the simulation and the work environment. By providing most realistic experiences, the absorption of certain practical skills becomes more efficient. Connecting native controllers with the virtual environment makes experience feel as real as possible and eliminates the risk of major problems requiring costly repairs that happen while training on real objects.

    The training simulator’s operating environment teaches concepts, wchich are fundamental to smooth operation of a production facility and help to establish a correct behavior for safety measures. Highly advanced virtual reality simulation is at the moment the best solution for training new operators and refreshing the skills of experienced ones. The advantage of those types of simulators is a possibility to design any scenario including those that would be difficult or impossible to create in real life conditions. That's how applications enable trainees to learn how to deal with unusual or emergency situations. Multiple repetition of actions, conducted under unchanged external factors in connection with recording, analysis and evaluation of performed actions guarantees consolidation of proper procedures and eliminates incorrect behaviors.

    Benefits of Quazar3D solution

    1. Different scenarios execution
    2. Cost effective application modification
    3. Rapid growth of retaining level
    4. Cost effective learning

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