Virtual engine is not
    just economic value

    Paccar engine

    Construction and operational functions of the engine has never been more exiting to explore. Parameterization of certain elements of the application, incorporated into a form of a speed calculator based on equations of motion. Thus each factor (such as RPM or current gear) change leads to a different work mode of the engine’s elements. The application calculates the user input and displays the results in real time.

    Illustration of internal combustion engine is supplemented with particle systems representing fuel and gass behavior.

    Application provides following options: engine disassembly and assembly in unassisted and assisted mode. In an assisted mode the user gets assembly order suggestions. Slicing mode provides a possibility to view a cross-sectional image (slice) for better understanding of the engine construction.

    Benefits of Quazar3D solution

    1. Ability to use the application on many different projection devices: standard (computers, touch tables, 3D projectors) and immersive systems (CAVE System, HMD, HMD+gloves+tracking system)
    2. Used in many areas: education, training, trade fair presentation

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