Oil & gas industry
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    Oil & gas application for BP

    Inaccessible field gas installations are made available for hands-on training purposes in a virtual world. Interactive training involves working procedures and inspection of gas installations. Application allows learners to take actions and observe outcomes. From a set of available tools the user picks a proper one and applies it to perform a certain action.

    Application set consists of 4 modules: Walkthrough, Risk Assesment, Isolation Execution, Re-instatement. Performance is measured by accuracy and time needed to complete the training.

    Benefits of Quazar3D solution

    1. Easy to prepare and modify
    2. Suitable for immersive environments
    3. Enhances the learning process
    4. Training of the staff all around the world
    5. Immersive situation enhances the learning process diminishing the learning time and mistake probability on the field

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