Interactive trainings <br>for engineers


The InterEDU (Interactive Education for an Engineer) project was the first world joint research project, developed in Quazar3D with a special emphasis on exploration, building educational content and supporting tools for teaching Mechanical Engineering subjects. Over 300 new lectures and exercise units present many topics by using virtual simulations and 3D technology.

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Experiments without <br>pain and costs


Coming across the needs of modern systems of education, i3D has designed, developed and implemented a set of interactive experiments with the use of Quazar3D. Learning the theory and practical skills with 3D interactive real time applications during the Medicine or Biology academic courses is the key for achieving perfection by future specialists.

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Other dimension <br>of nature

Interactive Salt Mine

Museums aim to attract young and media savvy audiences, emphasize their modern character by means of engaging scenarios and hi-tech devices. Technology for UNESCO’s Salt Mine Museum designed in Quazar3D was used to fuse with the solid interior of the mine. It became a part of an exciting adventure assisted by custom made 20+ interactive multimedia stands, games and applications, all in one place.

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Use of simulation <br>to support mining industry

Mining train simulator

A wide range of methodologies applied in i3D’s training programs communicate easily with model fidelity and response solutions enabled by Quazar3D to blur the difference between the simulation and the work environment. By providing most realistic experiences, the absorption of certain practical skills becomes more efficient.

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Virtual engine is not <br>just economic value

Paccar engine virtual application

Construction and operational functions of the engine have never been more exiting to explore. Parameterization of certain elements of application, incorporated into a form of a speed calculator based on equations of motion.

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Oil & gas industry <br>real&nbspunreal&nbspsolutions

BP training programme

Inaccessible field gas installations are made available for hands-on training purposes in a virtual world. Interactive training involves working procedures and inspection of gas installations. Application allows learners to take actions and observe the outcomes.

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Decide earlier <br>Analyse Faster <br>Save time and money

Rock outcrop

Educational application representing a geological formation. Global petroleum and chemicals company - one of the leaders in hydrocarbons exploration, production, refining, distribution, shipping and marketing and the world’s top exporter of crude oil and natural gas liquids (NGLs).

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modern solution & raising attention

Virtual mirror

Advanced technologies are being used also in a fashion industry. High quality rendering and user friendly interface of Quazar3D programming platform allows creating fashion collections in a fast and simple way.

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